Friday, August 7, 2015

Recap: Erin's little miracle

Chad and Erin are finishing getting Carson's nursery before he is born. Since the pregnancy is high risk and they don't know when he will be here. Erin wants to make sure that it is done.
The whole family reflects on the journey to parenthood that both Chad and Erin have gone through in the past 18 months.
Meanwhile, Brandon and Michaella are taking care of two things on their list for their wedding with it being a few months away. Michaella's aunt Kay is bringing over cakes for the couple to chose since Brandon is town. They chose strawberry since they liked that one the best. 
Chad surprises Erin with a little get away before Carson arrives but it's not to far from their doctor's office since they are not sure when he will be born. High Risk pregnancy bring an extra risk of early labor. Chad surprises Erin with getting her nails and her toes done. Later Chad and Erin headed to another little store to get some ideas about how to decorate their house. They headed for dinner where he hands her a special little note that he wrote.
Kelly decides that it time to send the girls to get some baby clothes since Erin did not get that much at her baby shower. She has the girls take Judson and Jeb with them. Kelly and Gil used to have this rule about not touching anything in the store but the boys don't listen to that rule and goes wild.
After shopping is done, the girls take the clothes to Erin's house to give them to her. Chad and Erin love the clothes and can't wait for Carson to wear them. Chad and Erin decided to show the little boys the baby birds that have decided to rest in their flower pot.
Later in the show, Michaella is wanting to pick out the girls dresses. She found the dress for little girls and then finds the dress for the big girls.
On May 14th, Erin wakes up to find that she is in labor. Chad calls her mom and then calls the doctor which means that they are headed to the hospital. Erin's labor goes and she gives birth within two hours.


  1. I love your show, you all are my kind of people.

  2. We've moved, so now I can't get the UP Channel. Miss them so much!


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