Thursday, August 13, 2015

Recap: Boating with the Bates

Chad and Erin are heading home for the first time with Carson. Chad's mom, Tammy, wanted to helped the new parents out for a little while and came for a visit.
Since Carson arrived one month early, The parents were surprised to see that their son did not need to spend time in the NICU.
Tori received a gift from Mama Jane for getting all A's during her first semester in college so she headed to Burlington Coat Factory. Tori returns home and the whole family gathers to see her new clothes. Gil is worried that it was spent with his money since they normally try to save money but Tori reassures her father that it was a gift card from his mom.
Tori models her new clothes and Carlin loves them. She warns guys to not to mess with her sister.
Gil and Kelly call a family meeting to talk about what will happen in the next week. Nathan is planning to spend a day at the lake and ends up with the entire family. Both Kelly and Gil have fond memories of the lake.
The family gets everything that they need for their trip. Gil wants to share towels but the girls won't do it. The family is about to leave when the girls dresses arrive for Michaella's wedding. The girls decided to try them on.
The family finally arrives to the lake to find that Zach, Whitney, Bradley, Chad, Erin, and little Carson have joined them at the lake.
The Bates revealed that they have the girls wear stretchy skirts and leggings with Whitney says that they are not a big deal and nobody notices the leggings.
As the family is enjoying their lake day, the skies starts to rain and then lighting starts which makes the girls scream.
The family waits for the storm to past and it does. Gil shows off his water-skiing skills and the kids are impressed. Gil says that the kids try to make him feel really special and he hopes that he can encourage him as much as they have done with him.
Gil decides that it's time to dive off of the top dock which he is trying to keep up with his kids but he ends up getting hurt after it's done.

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