Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recap: All together again!

John and Alyssa arrive to Tennessee to celebrate Valentine's day and the baby shower that Gil and Kelly are hosting for them. Alyssa only has a few more weeks in her pregnancy!
Update: Allie Jane was born on April 11 and you can see her birth blog here.
The family is getting ready to celebrate I love you day. The kids all say that it's their favorite holiday. Brandon is coming into town to celebrate the day with Michaella.
Michaella hopes that it's her last Valentine's day as a single woman but if it is not then she will be happy to celebrate another one!
Update: Brandon and Michaella are engaged and planing an August 15th wedding
Gil and Kelly have their 19 kids gather in the living room for a meeting. Four older men surprise Whitney . Zach had set it up for her to get a rose and card along with two songs.  Whitney is amazed by her husband.
Kelly reveals all of her kids have seen their father being thoughtful during their growing up and Zach wants to carry on that for Whitney.
Gil and Kelly invited Zach, Whitney, Erin, Chad, John, Alyssa, Michaella and Brandon on a date to the Japanese restaurant where the chef cooks their food in front of them and gives them entertainment as well.
The family draws names for the gift exchange and the kids encourage their kids to focus on what they will give and not what they will get. The family spends about 25 dollars each.
Gil and Kelly take their younger kids to go shopping and Lawson knows that his father starts sweating like crazy. Gil goes through the gifts and pulls the knick knacks that he thinks that the kids don't need.
At the house, the family is getting everything ready. Kelly reveals that the only thing that they ever agree on is to have more kids.
Lawson and Nathan work on the pinata and get it ready for the big day. All of the family puts on their nicest clothing and gets ready for dinner where they get their presents.
The kids are happy when Gil gets a new pair of jeans from his pal. Tori reveals that it's been a long time that they have been trying to get their dad's jeans looking that good.
Brandon and Michaella revealed their big surprise for the family and it's a 3-d family tree with all the family members photos on it.
The next day, Kelly heads to the grocery store to get some food for Alyssa's baby shower. There are many games at the baby shower and one of the games are matching the prices for the baby supplies and they end up in a tie.
Alyssa reveals that her family did amazing job and John reveals that people were so generous and thoughtful.
"I have the greatest life of everybody I know," says Gil.
At the end of the baby shower, Brandon pulls Gil aside to plan a meeting with Brandon's parents to talk about his relationship with Michaella.


  1. I don't get the UP channel and would love to watch these shows. Is there any way they can put it on you tube or amazon?

  2. We loved the show. Marilyn,Joan and Marion


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