Thursday, June 18, 2015

Recap: High Risk, High Hopes

Chad and Erin head to Dr. Vic to make sure that Carson is doing fine. Chad and Erin bring up that someone mention to her doctor about stillbirth and Dr Vic explains that they will keep a special watch on Carson.
Gil knows that the only thing that they can do is pray which is hard for them. While Erin knows that everything that they are doing is to make sure that they have a healthy baby.
The younger kids decided that it's time make an underground fort. Gil and Kelly chose not to have a tv for many years so their kids ended up spending a lot of time outside.
A few of the older boys (Lawson, Nathan, and Trace) took Jackson, Warden and Isaiah down to the driving range for a golf lesson. Zach thinks that it's just the blind leading the blind.
The boys return and the older ones load their airsolf guns to to take over the younger ones fort. Gil and Kelly have one rule when it comes to their airsoft wars that everyone has to wear eye protection. The rest of the family watches from the window.
Chad and Erin decided to invite Zach, Whitney and Bradley over for dinner. Tori reveals that her sister was the worst cook ever but has gotten better. Zach reveals that whenever Erin cook growing up you knew that dinner was ready when the fire alarm went off. Erin is a great chef since she married Chad.
Whitney reveals that Zach doesn't say or show much that he has a hard time with watching his sisters grow up and then get married and have kids of their own. It makes him a little sad.

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