Thursday, June 11, 2015

Recap: Future in-Laws?

Michael and her parents are headed to Chicago to meet Brandon and his parents. Meanwhile Chad and Erin go over to the house to help with the younger ones while they are gone.
Brandon's family live in Michigan however when Brandon and Michael get married, They will live in Chicago since Brandon works there.
Gil hopes that they can have some Chicago pizza and they head over to Giordano's. Both Kelly and Michael are hoping that Brandon will propose soon while Gil is a little more laid back. Kelly knows that Brandon has been thinking about engagement since it's been on theirs.
The couples head to an art shop where they paint a piece of potty.
During lunch, Brandon decides to chat with Gil to get his permission to asked Michael to marry him. Brandon gives Gil the date and Gil won't tell Kelly because she will give it away to Michael.
During their meal, Kelly pulls out the calendar to see when Brandon wants to pick a date for the wedding and he jokes that he is planning one on Valentine's day 2015.
Back home, Chad and Erin have the kids prepare to redo Gil and Kelly's room as a surprise. Chad and the boys work on refinishing the furniture while the girls decorate. The kids are surprised to find that Erin wants them to use their food to make animals. Their dad doesn't like to waste food and the kids know that he would not approve this choice.
Gil and Kelly return home to find their room redecorated and love it. Gil sits the family down to talk about the special talk that he had with Brandon but won't reveal anything.

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