Monday, June 29, 2015

Bates Family Blog - Swing Set Surprise

Hi y’all!

I hope everyone’s enjoying (or at least surviving) the summer heat!

In tonight’s episode of “Bringing Up Bates,” the kids finally got a swing set! I’ve wanted one at the house for the longest time and the fact that we were able to pull it off as a surprise was a miracle in itself. It’s hard to keep a secret in this family!

As parents, we try to seek out learning opportunities for our children and it seems we never have to go very far to find them! Here’s the latest life-lesson stop on the way to “Bringing Up Bates”

and a few things that didn’t make the show…

When we need to make a family decision, sometimes we take a family vote. Our little ones love to be involved in making “grown-up” decisions and as parents, it’s important to us that our kids feel involved and heard. So, the latest case on the Bates family docket was finding a place for our chickens to live. That’s right, we now have chickens!

In our family, there’s never a shortage of opinions but at some point, we have to settle on one decision. Even when majority rules, someone is bound to get their feelings hurt or feel disappointed. When this happens, we encourage everyone to choose better attitudes. Rarely is it easy to go from being disappointed to feeling encouraged but all things are possible with God and we teach the kids that an attitude isn’t a feeling, it’s a decision. The most important thing is that we’re a family that works through whatever life brings us, be it big or small, together.

How does all of this relate to tonight’s episode? Well, the swing set was the result of working together toward a common goal and learning the lesson that when you think of others before yourself, somewhere down the road, you’ll reap the kindness you’ve sown!

On another note, I had so much fun house hunting with my mom because it means we are one step closer to her moving here. I know she wants to be with her grandkids and we are all just as anxious! Now, we just have to find the right house so that dream becomes reality.


Kelly Jo

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