Thursday, June 4, 2015

I love you day photos


  1. Anyone know who the young lady sitting next to Lawson is? She's not a relative I've ever seen before. You see her also sitting next to Erin when she's holding Bradley and a few times at Alyssa's baby shower. Who is she?

  2. Her name is Courtney Green. I believe she has been friends with the family for several years and does a lot of children's church/babysitting duties for the family. I have no idea if she and Lawson are getting to know one another or not (in a courting way) but I think she seems like a sweet young woman.

  3. She must be pretty close to the family if she was a special guest for the Valentines Day dinner. That has always seemed to primarily for family and, in Brandon's case, almost family! Hopefully there will be some more courting news soon! :)


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