Friday, June 26, 2015

Recap: Movin' in with Meema

***** Special Thank you to Alisa on her recap of the show!  The owner, whom normally does the recaps, is currently on a camping trip until Sunday night ****

Gil and Kelly take Josie and Trace to the orthodontists for braces. Gil tells us that the orthodontists will give him five per cent discounts for each child that needs braces so by the time Jeb will need braces the orthodontists will be paying him instead of paying the dentist. Later on Kelly's mom and sister come to town cause Meema decides she wants to move closer to her grandchildren they decide to go house shopping when the come to the first house the love the view of the lake but it is not handicap accessible for her husband and it does not have a master bedroom on the bottom floor which is very important. They decide no on the house when they come to the second house they fall in love with it but it's not handicap accessible either for her husband because on the outside their is no railing for him to hold to get into the house. Kelly decides they should stop looking at houses and look at lots available to build a house accessible for Meema and her husband to make it their own. The next Kelly and Gil decide to surprise the kids with a swing set Gil and the older boys are going to build but they all have an opinion on where to put it. Kelly and her mom along with Whitney and Bradley decided to take the kids to Ponderosa Zoo so the boys can get started on the swing set. At the zoo they kids get hands on fun with animals by feeding the animals right out of their hands. While at the zoo Kelly calls Gil and ask what time she should be coming home Gil says 5:30 which only give them 25 min to finish with on the only the two side frames up they boys hurry to get the top post on before Kelly and the kids get home. Gil and the boys get the top on just in time as Kelly and the kids pull up the kids are excited when they see what the boys have been doing while they where away. Later it is time for Meema to go back home they family is sad to see her leave but they now it is a see you later as she will be living closer to them very soon.

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  1. You are very welcome for the recap love the bates family and enjoy watching them on Uptv #20thBates


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