Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bates Family Blog - Family (Re)Union

Hi everyone! Welcome to another season of Bringing Up Bates! We’re so excited to be back and hope each show is an encouragement to you.
Life has certainly been busy for us Bates. Remember last season when Brandon came to visit us? Well.. in tonight’s episode, it was our turn! Gil, Michael and I traveled to Chicago to meet with Brandon’s parents.
While we always love getting together with Brandon’s parents, this particular visit was more exciting than normal because it was an opportunity for us to spend time together as couples before Brandon and Michael take the next step in their relationship which of course means engagement!
Having close family ties is important to both Brandon and Michael and we saw our visit as an opportunity to just laugh together and celebrate Brandon and Michael and their future together… And maybe poke a little innocent fun at them about their future secret plans. Obviously, there was a lot of family rooting for an engagement in the near future and we love sharing in the whole excitement of the moment!
It was wonderful to just spend some relaxed time with our future son-in-law and his parents and to talk about a wedding and relationships and love! We believe in making memories and this trip gave us lots of them!
I hope wherever you are today, you’re working on making loving memories of your own! What are your favorite ways to make memories with the ones you love?

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