Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be The 20th Bates For A Day Sweeptakes

Want to spend the day with Gil and Kelly with their 19 kids, 3 children-in-love and 3 grandbabies?

Be sure to check out this website for more information

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  1. I come for a family of 8. I was so thrilled when I saw that you all were going to be coming on the up channel. Always enjoyed seeing you alls visits with the Duggars. it always reminded me of when my daddy took us to Arkansas to visit with our families there.The most important part is that you all share my beliefds as Christians, Was also glad to see that you all were thrilled when Kelleys mother had decided to move closer to you all,and that you all could be there for her and her husband to do the yard work and other things for them. It has gotten to where not a lot of other people,especially grandchildren that want to help their grandparents or older parents without wanting to be paid, We have a country full of people today that feel as if they are entitled to everything for nothing. So glad me and my siblings were raised differently. I remember us also getting outside and playing, making our own toys and fun out of nature and etc, Will be glad to see your swing set finished/We even built a play house out of our old pig pen one time . I have wondered if your children get a lot of cuts,scraps ,bruises or hurt from playing out side and making their own fun ,like their fort,? Praying that your new grandbaby will be born very healthy. I have a great grandson born with many birth defects ,but every time he has had surgery, through many prayers and the grace of God he still has a few other problems ,but all in all he is a wonderful healthy little boy.So praying for blessings for your new grandbaby,and her mommy and daddy.Just saw on here that Carson was born on May 14th. Oh I just love the two little boys.They are the cutest little fellas. The little blonde headed girls too, All of them all wonderful children though. Would love to meet all of you some day. Gods blessings on all of you.


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