Monday, June 1, 2015

A statement from the Bates

Access Hollywood's requested a statement from Gil and Kelly about all the attention that the Duggars have been getting from the media.

Gil and Kelly have said that they are praying for their dear friends and respect their privacy and have no other comments at this time.

Gil and Kelly appear on Bringing Up Bates that returns on June 4th to UP TV. Both of the families have been friends since their oldest children where little.


  1. I am glad that your not leaving a comment of the Duggar situation.I pray for the family and wish them all the blessings in the world along with yours but I feel that friends and family that comment on this situation at this time before their interview would be under attack and I don't want to see that happen . Blessings to you all and I am looking forward to new episodes of BRINGING UP BATES!!!! We recorded all of them and the kids love to watch them over and over. Always looking for good programming for the whole family to watch. You can't turn on the tv today without people being modest. The language on tv...I am in my later 40's and miss good television when I was younger! Thank you for sharing your family,you are all a blessing.

  2. I love your show also love the duggers show as so happy you are finally on for uscto warch your family grow and expand in different ways..gid bless you all

  3. I agree with you Telsy Vatty. Very well said.

  4. Very well said as they are always kind. Who knows if their daughters were victims as well.

  5. Looking forward to your new episodes this week! Your family is such a breath of fresh air and have been looking forward to your return! Congrats on all the new grand babies and love in your family!

  6. Perfect comment is no comment at all, good for you!
    It's sad there are so many, who don't even know the family, yet they have so much to say...I will just continue to pray for them.
    We're a rather large family too, although no where near your 19 ;) (just 10 kiddos ha!)
    We love watching together as a family.


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