Tuesday, April 18, 2017

College/Career updates

We have an update on a few of the Bates children that we would love to share with you all.
Lawson has been working on his music career and travels between Nashville and home.

Nathan has been working on his pilots license out in Mississippi state for a few months but recently returned home for a while.

Tori is courting Bobby Smith. She has been working on her education degree and will graduate in May 2018. She recently announced on Bringing Up Bates that she plans to get married after her graduation. Bobby has stated that he has thought about moving to Tennessee to be closer to her.

Trace is currently enrolled in Crown College and has not revealed his degree just yet. Trace revealed that he hopes to be a trick rider at the Dixie Stampede but it has not work out just yet. 

Carlin is also enrolled at Crown College where she is working on her music major. She is in a unofficial courtship with Evan Stewart.

Josie is enrolled at Crown College where she is working on her cosmetology major.

The children at Crown College have enjoyed riding together and being the support team that they need. 

Here's a video from Carlin and Tori:


  1. Wonderful the young Bates are working on education and careers.

  2. The bates are so normal UNLIKE their friends the Duggars!


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