Thursday, April 13, 2017

Recap: A New Baby Born and Love All Around

Kelly and the five youngest boys are heading to Florida to visit the Webster family before Lexi Mae arrives. Alyssa did not know who was coming until the day before. The next morning, Kelly takes Alyssa for some mother/daughter time. Alyssa reveals that she doesn't want many people in the room during the birth of Lexi. Kelly reveals that she was the same way and along with the fact that she and Gil will wait out in the reception until the baby is born.
Kelly and Allie head with Alyssa for her midwife appointment at The Birth Place. Alyssa ends up being hooked up on a monitor due to the irregularity in Lexi's heartbeat. She quickly finds out that everything is fine.
Gil brings the rest of the children and the kids up in a nerf gun war. Kelly ends up with a phone call from the father-to-be saying that it's time. Lexi Mae arrives just over one hour after their arrival to the birthing Center.
Kelly reveals, that no matter how many grandbabies,they have each one of them are special since they are all different.
Alyssa is sent home after a few hours. Alyssa's brothers and sisters are happy to come for a visit. They ended up coming to the birthing center and her house the next day.
A few weeks later, The family is back home in Tennessee and planning their I love you day celebration. This year, they decided to combined it with Mama Jane's birthday party. They go with a theme down on the farm. Both the Keilen and Webster family arrive to the party.
The older girls head for pedicures and some girl talk. Erin reveals that she was the one that set Carlin and Evan up and the story goes like this: Kelly was speaking at a banquet where Evan was sitting at a table with Carlin and Erin. Carlin explains that Erin wanted him to be her brother-in-law and asked if he was single.
Alyssa reveals that she approves of Evan since he is so patient with her.
Tori reveals that she is getting married in May! The girls are very surprised until she clarifies that it will be next May after she finishes school. Tori reveals that she is not planning her wedding and that she is just picking her colors. Everyone else plans it but if they disagree about planning and she quickly responses that they will fight it out since she won't be doing it.
The couples decided to do a steak dinner at a cabin where all the out of town guest are staying. Nathan brings Tori and Bobby but quickly gets asked to leave until he has a girl.
The next day, Mama Jane is shocked when Gil and Kelly give her the new rocking chair that was made by Chad. Everyone singed shellacked on it. Mama Jane is surprised and she doesn't want to ever die.
Kelly leads everyone on the games which turns out to be really fun.
The married boys take the courting boys to shoot where they share their relationship advice. Kelly reveals that her sons are protective of their sisters and no guy is ever good enough to be with them.
Now it's time for presents which takes over an hour. Michaella hands out the heart key chains which has Kelly's father's writing on them "I love you. In his grace, Granddad Callaham. Psalm 56:3". The gift has causes a few tears to overflow.

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