Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New photos of Courting Couples!

The family now have two courting couples Tori and Carlin. We also have two new photos of them with their suitors.

Carlin is in the get to know you stage of her courtship with Evan. They have known each other for about seven months. Evan revealed in a web episode that he and Carlin knew each other for about five months at the I love you day.
Tori is in a official courtship with Bobby Smith since November 2016 after one year of the get to know you stage. Tori reveals that she is planning to get married in May 2018 after she graduates from college. The family just announced that if they have a break line up where she spends time down in Florida before Bobby joins her back in Tennessee.


  1. Love your godly family. I love seeing young people dressing modestly and wanting to serve the Lord. What a blessing!!!

  2. I think the "get to know you" stage is very important. I miss that in many conservative courtships. It's Yes or No before you even know the person.


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