Thursday, April 6, 2017

Recap: The Cubs land in Chicago

The Five youngest boys are heading to stay at Brandon and Michaella's place while their parents and Carlin are in Australia and New Zealand. They have speaking engagements to do while there. Michaella had ask if she could have all the little ones but Kelly says that she could only have half.

The boys are going to adjust to the couple's rules while they are there. The boys are not used to getting up and going to bed early. They also have to eat healthier food.

Jackson is not sure about the crepes that his sister made because it look like a taco pancake with fruit. 

Michaella creates gingerbread for the boys to decorate. She makes a rule saying that the boys can't eat any of the candy which cause her brother to have a relation. The boys are used to being able to eat the candy as they are decorating. 

Brandon and Michaella share a medieval story that they wrote and are currently almost finished turning it into a picture book. They head for a little field trip to the medieval times for dinner and then watching a jousting performance. 

The boys have tested their sister's patience but they all had a wonderful time. She admits that she will be sad for when they leave.

Josie heads to her cosmetology school and shows the crew around.  Josie admits that she is going to be able to do it out of her home once she is married. 

Josie admits that it's been a difference experience from being home school. She had a different social aspect but lucky had her friend Courtney there with her. 

At home, Josie decides to style her sister's, Carlin, hair. Tori walks in with a lot shorter hair and it's black. It freaks Carlin out a little bit but she reveals that it's a wig.

Be sure to tune in for next week's season finale of Bringing Up Bates!

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