Friday, April 14, 2017

Six Specials on the way (April & May episode previews)

Since the new season doesn't start until June 1st, UP TV has decided to do some specials for six weeks. Here are those previews! 

Supersized: 3 pointer
A look at special scenes and outtakes as the family worked to plan Kelly Jo's birthday and as the boys try to build a basketball court.

Supersized: The 19th hole
More Bates family moments and a look at more scenes with Gil and Kelly Jo about the importance of the family purity ring tradition and a life-lesson from Papa Bill on the golf course.

Supersized: Pit Stop
Get more Bates family moments as we get a bigger trip down memory lane with Kelly Jo in her hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Mother's day: Now with more kids!
This year, Mother's Day with the Bates is a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more fun; join the family for the most motherly moments throughout the series as we celebrate some of favorite moms; Kelly Jo, Whitney, Erin and Alyssa.

Supersized: Five alarm
Get a closer look at the dramatic fire that started inside the family home.

Summer Fun: More Good Times
From beach trips to lake trips to camp and water gun fights, the Bates family knows how to have fun in the good old Summertime; a look at the best Summer moments yet.

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