Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bates social Media!

We have been asked about the Bates social Media and we gather a list of them.

Bates family:The Bates family
Zach n Whitney: Zach and Whitney
Chad and Erin: Chad and Erin Paine
John: public and private
Brandon and Michaella: Brandon and Michaella
Lawson: Lawson Bates
Alyssa: public and private
Carlin: Carlin Bates
Josie: Josie Bates- Private

Tori's Boyfriend (Bobby):
Carlin's boyfriend (Evan):
    Special note on Josie, John, and Alyssa: She doesn't accept follow requests from people she doesn't know. John and Alyssa have two Instagram one for fans and another for family and friends.

The Bates family:
Lawson Bates:
Zach and Whitney:

The Bates family:
Zach n Whitney:

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