Thursday, April 2, 2020

Recap: Texas or Bust?

Just a quick reminder that Trace and Chaney are no longer together. Be sure to check up their relationship update post that we made back in February 2020.

Now on to the recap:
Trace heads over to his older brother's house to talk about his trip to Texas. For almost nine months, Trace has been talking to Chaney for everyday but one. He reveals that he is nervous as he is about to ask Chaney to be his girlfriend.
Trace and his parents arrived to the Kahle family home in Colleyville. He tries to play it cool but it's not any other trip. They give side hugs to Chaney and her family. Chaney's family are also homeschoolers and have the same competive spirit as the Bates family.
Chaney's father says that they should go electric go-karting at K1 speed to start the visit. Kelly is not a fan of going fast because she doesn't want to get hurt. She wants to drive her own car so she can control the speed.
At the end, Chaney ends up in first while Trace is in second. Trace praises her character. The families end up going to Tex-Mex since the family loves mexcian foods.
Trace reveals that he would consider moving to Texas and Zach knows that his brother won't be able to hang out at his house.
Kelly suggests tomorrow that they go on a pinic. Chaney's mom and sisters are making plans for the special moment with Kelly while the others head to the batting cages. Trace steps aside with her father to get permission to ask Channey out. He agrees to it but reminds Trace that he raised them to stay close.
Kelly and the girls are setting up for the pinic near the water. Kelly reveals that her son doesn't want it over the top that it would look like an engagement. The couple arrive and are blown away by the set up.
After they eat, the couple takes a walk and stop at a spot covered in flower petals. It is close enough for Trace's parents and Chaney's family to see them. Trace reveals that Chaney is his best friend and he wants to take the next step so he asks her the special courtship question. She agrees to the courtship. Trace gives her flowers and a bracelet and they share a few front hugs and start holding hands.

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