Friday, April 10, 2020

Recap: Surgery and Surprises

Kelton and Josie head to Chesapeake's Seafood and Raw Bar to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Josie reveals that she has been wanting to go eat seafood but is nervous. Erin reveals that all of the girls are finicky about seafood because they didn't grow up eating it. Josie enjoys the shrimp but is not a big fan of scallops. The only seafood that she has tried is fish sticks and she doesn't like them. Kelton says that Josie is an incredible mother. Their first year has been a whirlwind and Josie hopes that their second year will be calm down. She wants to spend a lot of time together and make the most of everything. Kelton says that having Willow made them stronger and help them grow closer together. During their date, Brandon and Michaella are babysitting the little one.

Kelly says that Michaella has a love for babies and is a natural. Michaella says that she feels like she is in her element when she is around kids and it doesn't matter how many kids there are, they are just special. Brandon says that he loves kids but little babies are different. He reveals that he feels that he is going to break it somehow. The couple had a lot of fun watching their niece.
The whole family gathers at the house to celebrate the September birthdays and play games. There is a phrase "New Mini Sequel Releasing in April" that stumpes the whole family. They know it's an announcement but aren't sure what it means. Bobby heads up to the white board and writes "Tori is expecting".

Lawson says one of these gatherings, he will have a big announcement of his own.

Later it's time for Gil to have surgery. Lawson says that his father has always been Mr. Invincible but seeing him in this state has been unique. The doctor is able to put Gil and Kelly at ease. The couple films a video to send to the kids before the producedure and Gil makes sure to tell everyone that he loves them if he doesn't wake up.

It's time to reveal the gender of Baby Stewart. Carlin can't wait to hear the news. She thinks that it's a boy but there is a trend of girls going so it's like a girl season. Everyone gets a water gun full of paint and shoots it at the parents and it's pink. Kelly teases Gil by telling him to eat his words because he kept saying that it's a boy. He suggests that maybe he got his wires crossed and Tori will be the one having a boy.

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