Thursday, April 23, 2020

Recap: A Great Bates gateway

Before we start our recap, we do want to address two things. Trace and Chaney are no longer in a relationship. Also this episode was filmed before COVID-19.

During a flag football game, Trace breaks his finger while trying to grab a flag. Trace is scheduled to have surgery on the first day of the vacation. Before checking in, the family heads to Wonderworks.

Zach reveals that he is very sentimental about everyone getting together. Travis and Chaney are joining this year's vacation along with Chaney's sisters.

Gil, Trace and Chaney arrive to the event. Trace just got out of surgery and has his hand in a cast. Gil is still in a sling from having a shoulder surgery.

Katie feels that whenever you bring someone into the family, everyone feels that it's their duty to be a chaperone and sometimes there are too many. Travis and Katie get on a small simulator ride and a few of the Bates give them a hard time. Kelly reassures Gil that the ride is intense enough and they will be clinging to their seats.

The family heads to their cabin and it has 11 rooms. Kelly and Tori assign rooms and Tori feels that it's complicated. They finished the task and head to get groceries and begin cook. Nathan says that it's a full blownrestaurant to feed an army.

The evening comes and everyone gathers to give Kelly gifts since her birthday is the following day. As family traditions, they sing her praises. Lawson says that it's his favorite thing about birthday celebration.

Callie says that her mother is the most giving. Kelton, Brandon, and Bobby bring in three birthday cakes and Kelly says that her heart is full.

The next morning, they have a chaos because everyone is trying to get ready on time. They are heading to Anakeesta via chairlift.

The moms and little children enjoy lunch while the rest of the family heads to walk through the woods. They had to go rope bridges and Travis says that it's chaotic but organized.

During a family picture, Bobby and Tori announce the gender of their second child by releasing blue confetti. Gil's prediction from Carlin's Gender Reveal was correct. Kelly reveals that it was a way to surprise them and she didn't see that coming.

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