Thursday, April 16, 2020

Recap: A Pizza Katie's Heart

As many of you know that the Bates have four grandbabies on the way so Erin, Whitney, Tori, and Carlin head to the doctor for ultrasound with Kelly. Whitney learns that her daughter has hair. Erin wants to know if the baby has hair and how big her nose is. Carlin thinks that Layla looks like a blob until she sees the hand. Tori's baby is tinier and is approximately 2.5 inches.

Tori learns that she has the same blood disorder as her sisters. She was not tested during her pregnancy with Kade because she lived in Nashville and the condition is different with each pregnancy. Tori feels that it's nice to know that she is not doing this by herself.

Gil and Kelly have most of the grandchildren over for a sleepover while the couples go out for a date. Gil is recovering from shoulder surgery. She has Katie help with sleepovers because she needs to go to bed early.

Michaella was looking forward to the couples date since they don't get together very much.
Kelly says that she was very thankful to have Addie, Ellie, and Katie to help with the grandkids but it was a good coverup for Katie.

Katie's special friend arrives with pink roses and pizza and Katie is shocked. She doesn't know how to deal with surprises. Katie and Travis met through mutual friends and started messaging a few months ago. Katie and her parents went up to New Jersey to meet Travis's family.

Travis and his sister have lunch with Katie, Kelly and a few siblings. Katie gets a beautiful gift box with photos of the couple, a pink hat and other goodies.

Kelly invites Travis to come to their upcoming vaction. Lawson jokes that he is going to bring his girlfriend to the vacation.

Kelly hopes that their relationship will be in the long haul. Travis takes the group to the ice cream place at Cruze Frams. Carlin says that the way to win her sister is through pizza and ice cream. Katie is shocked that Travis will only eat vanilla ice cream. The group plays "putt-putt" Travis tries to help Katie but she is doing bad.

Kelly says that they don't want to rush their children into a relationship. It's really exciting when you have met somebody and it's different. Kelly says that they need to enjoy this time as friends and get to know each other and hug while Gil says to wait on hugging.

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