Monday, April 13, 2020

Bates Easter celebration

We shared many of the Bates family Easter Celebration on our facebook page and decided to share it on here as well.
Chad and Erin shared a new family photo. Holland is currently four months old. Brooklyn is three years old. Carson will celebrate his 5th birthday next month. Everly just celebrated her second birthday a few weeks ago.
Josie and Kelton shared a new photo of their growing family.
Brandon and Michaella shared a new photo.
Zach and Whitney shared a new photo of their three children. Khloe is five months old. Kaci will turn four in June 2020.
Evan and Carlin shared a new family photo.
John and Alyssa shared a new photo of their family. John did say that they were having a hard time getting a good family photo with the girls. Both Allie and Zoey recently had a birthday.

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