Thursday, April 30, 2020

Recap: Nesting Mode and Mommies on a Mission

Michaella has an associate in medicinal health science and an EMT certification. She is currently in a phlebotomy lab with an LPN lab instructor. She says that she doesn't know what field she wants to go in. She says that the nursing school is wonderful and very fast-paced.

Erin says that Michaella has always talked about going into nursing school as a teenager. It's something that is natural for her. Josie adds everyone is so pumped that she is doing it.

Michaella says that her teachers have always said to be the kind of nurse that you would want to have. She wants her patients to know that she cares. She is looking forward to being a nurse.

Erin, Chad and Lawson arrive to Kelton and Josie's new house to do a white mortar on the fireplace. Addallee holds Willow. Josie says that it's a good thing to recruit Erin because she can get Chad to help with these projects.

Gil says that moving into the new house and getting it ready is to just sweep and mop but the kids idea is to take out walls and redo a lot and then have to paint it.

Josie reveals that Lawson is fun and easy to have around. Callie answers a question about why Lawson gets a hard time about not having a boyfriend and she says it's because of him being 27 and it's odd.

Lawson gets up on the ladder and tries the German schmear technique and the girls qonder if he is precise enough. Josie says that he is better at his music then the schmear technique.

Chad says that it dawned on him that he might be involed to see the project finish. When the fireplace is done, it looks amazing.

Brandon and Michaella have the nieces and nephews along with a few of the little siblings over to make caramel apples. The tradition started when Addallee, Ellie and Callie were little and now the three girls can help carry on the tradition with the younger children. Brandon says that it will be interesting and fun to have a lot of little hands.

Kade joins in on the fun when Addallee and Michaella give him a few licks. Tori says that she stays away from giving Kade candy and sweets but his aunts and uncles do not. She also adds that she expected that they would give him something while there. After they are done, they jump into leaves that Brandon had just raked.

Erin heads over to Zach and Whitney's home to help reorganize and decorate Kaci and Khloe's room. Whitney says that Kaci is so excited to share a room with her sister. She also adds that Kaci has rearranged Khloe's pillows and getting it ready and stuff. Whitney says that she loves having Erin's help however Chad adds that her brother hates her.

Erin only has one room for her four children and has put in a bunk bed for Carson and Brooklyn. She also has a trundle for Everly and a crib for Holland. She says that she is trying to work with what she has and have their eyes open for a new property. Erin says that location is everything, so she wants to find a location that she loves. She wants to live near all of the cousins.

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