Monday, July 3, 2017

Update from Brandon and Michaella

Michaella posted a new posted on their website regarding their journey to have a child. Michaella admits that it has taken a toll on her relationship with God. You may go read the full blog posted on their website by clicking here.
Here is a little quote from the blog post that we would love to share for you all. "The past few weeks and months have taken me down a path that I never expected to walk. It has been a journey that has completely changed my life. My faith has been challenged in a completely unexpected way; through the hurt, pain, and tears God has shown Himself more real and more faithful than I’ve ever seen before!"

Brandon and Michaella will celebrate their second year of marriage next month.


  1. We have a couple, in our church, who have been married 5 years. They had been trying, most or all that time, to have a child. My brother/pastor just dedicated their, days old, baby boy, that they birthed, yesterday. In God's time.

  2. On a brighter note, between the Bates and Duggars there are 18 girl's who could be a surrogate for them

  3. God's timing is perfect and in His time His will will be done and even if it isn't what we think we want, there is no happier or safer place to be than in the center of God's will.

  4. Im praying for a special someone to
    Come into your lives, sooner or even
    Later. God will let it happen when the
    Time is right. So just pray and it will
    Happen. Love you two.

  5. I have dear, Godly friends, who have been serving the Lord faithfully for the 16 years of their marriage. The wife suffers from pcos and had weight loss surgery 2 years ago. Well, she ended up conceiving after 15 YEARS of trying, crying, and begging the Lord. They have the most beautiful 7 month old little girl, and feel so blessed. We will continue to pray for y'all. We maybe be strangers, but we are sisters in Christ.

  6. Just keep seeking God's will. He will support and strengthen you in the journey. Also remember that it is ok to be a family of 2. My desire to have a child was so great that it hurt. It is a very difficult emotional roller coaster. When I finally cried out to God to take this pain from me and show me what He wanted for my life, He gave instantaneous answers and lifted the burden of infertility. My husband and I never did conceive, or adopt. Instead, God made Isaiah 54:1 Come alive through mission work abroad and through work in the community. "My children" are too numerous to count now, and my nephews hold a special place in my heart. Just keep seeking God's will for your lives. You and Brandon have so much to give as a couple, not just as parents.

  7. Thank you for your words, and strength. I am going through the same thing but instead of a child I am asking God why have you not brought me a man God to be my husband. I am older and my younger sister is married with children and still there is nothing for me. I pray that God bring the children he has set you and if you would please pray that God bring the Christian man he has set for me.


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