Thursday, July 27, 2017

Recap: More Bloopers, Outtakes and Mishaps, Oh My!

Gil says that his family has never learned that they should allow one person to talk at a time. It's like this huge barrage of verbal things coming since everyone is talking at a time.

The family is asked who is the best driver and Lawson says that the family is lacking in good drivers.
During one of their interviews a rooster goes off around 2pm and Kelly responds that the rooster takes the family.

During the time at the family went to Dollywood, Kelly faces her fear of heights and rides the roller coaster. Kelly ends up screaming the entire time.

Tori and Callie can't control when they laugh. Tori's laugh is describe like a loud cackle. When Callie starts laughing she can't stop.

What are the family favorite words and phrases?
    - Awkard
    - epic
    - oh my stars

During the weddings, the coolest part is watching the little kids when they are standing up on stage, they lose their attention and go crazy. There is also a food fight when Kay (Kelly's sister) is teaching them to decorate cakes.

--- News from the live show ----
* Lawson has a music video coming out next week
* Brooklyn is doing better and should be released from the hospital


  1. Should be released when? Brooklyn?

    1. Brooklyn had surgery on Sunday after her finger started to swell up. Nathan said that Brooklyn should be released soon. We should have more soon.


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