Friday, July 7, 2017

Recap: Newlywed Edition & Live show

Carlin and Tori sit down to quiz the four married couples (Chad & Erin, Zach & Whit, John & Alyssa, and Brandon & Michaella) They have a ton of categories to go off of: Bad Habits, Favorite Candies, Places to Vacation, Favorite Type of Shoes, Best Gifts, Closest Bates Member, Splurge Item, Number of Children, and Dream Job.

Tori guips when Brandon and Michaella can't find any faults and Tori shares that they are still rose colored glasses.

Whitney is asked what is the best gift her husband gave her and she answers his heart, her ring, pandora charms, Hawaii Trip and then reveals that there are too many to share.

Carlin says that she thinks that Chad is more right since he knows her better than she knows herself.
John says that he wants as many children that Alyssa wants to have. The couple has recently shared that they want at least six to eight children.

Erin shares that she doesn't want more than 9 children since she doesn't want to be in the teen numbers.

Recap of the live show:

* The family give a tour

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