Thursday, July 13, 2017

Recap: Don't Worry, We've 'Goat' This!

Gil and a few of the little kids are at Chad and Erin's house. They are playing with the twin goats. Chad says that he was happy to get the goats after how Carson is reacting to the goats.
Gil and the kids end up painting the goat shed. Chad wants them to paint it with a white water based since he will paint it with a black oil based later. Chad says that the little kids did awesome with painting and it was a lot of fun.
Gil and the older boys need to redo the zip line that Nathan had connected to the shed. The shed is not very stable. Isaiah tries to help but it's hard with a cast on his arms. The family revealed that he broke two bones as he was playing softball.
Trace decides that he wants to be the first one to try the new zip line. Everyone is a little nervous that the trial run is going to end badly but it doesn't. The whole family is so excited to have a new activity outside.
Chad is turning 30 so Erin wants to plan a surprise getaway in Hot Springs, North Carolina. Granny and Grandpa are going to watch Carson and Brooklyn while they are gone.
Kelly reveals that they love getting to babysit the little ones. Kelly says that it's helpful for the couples to go out and spend time together without the kiddos.
Chad and Erin arrive at the Inn and Erin has her husband go and check in. The hostess gives Chad a tour so Erin has enough time to decorate their cottage. Erin adds the fishing poles  and fishing themes banners.
    A few of the banners say:
        * Old But Cstill a catch
        * I can't believe I reeled you in
        * You took my Bate bait
Chad jokes with his wife that she will wish that she never turned 30. The next day, the couple heads to go fishing in the rain.
Tori says that after she gets married and have kids, she will like fishing too. Carlin chips in and says you will like anything away from your kids.
The couple relaxes in the hot tub later that night in natural mineral water from the hot springs.
Gil and the kids head over to Chad and Erin's home to check on the dog and baby goats. Chad and Erin hired a pet sitter to take care of the animals. Jackson revealed Erin did not trust the family to take care of her animals. Jackson jokes that his sister trust them to take care of her kids but not her "kids".

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