Thursday, July 20, 2017

Recap: Stop Drop and wash

Back in November 2016, the little boys accidentally started a small fire in the Bates family laundry room. The family says that it was the most frightening ordeals that they had to walk through. The fire department shows up to give the kids some lessons about safety and help Gil and Kelly place the new smoke detectors.

The family wants to give back to the community and help fund the department, they decide to do a car wash.

Zach knows that the family doesn't know how to wash a car since they have allowed the rain to wash. Zach heads to the family home to show his brothers and sisters how to wash the car. Zach reveals his goal was to come over and assigned a specific job to them. He knew that if they had no jobs assigned then they would not get anything done. The practice ended breaking into chaos. Gil had asked for water and Zach gets his father with the hose.

Zach reveals that he would jump into the car if he did not think that his family would get him wet inside.

Zach thinks about grabbing the hose to get an advantage. The little ones end up putting a kink in it so he can't get them.

Chad and Erin know that their family is outgrowing the cottage and so they need to look for a new home. They are hoping for an older home that they can fix up. Chad reveals that they are looking to buy very soon or just wait for a few years. Both houses that the couple looked they really liked.

On the day of the car wash, it started to poured. Gil says that God is wetting all the cars. They are little bummed but Jeb offered that they pray and the rain ends up stopping after a while.

During the car wash, Evan surprises Carlin and she is super ecstatic. The car was is a big success. A few of the firefighters to help. Gil says that they got the hang of washing the cars. Bradley even got involved in the car wash.

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