Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recap: Mass-a-something

The family heads to Massanutten Resort for their ski lessons. Gil is the only ones that knows what he is doing so for the rest of family, it's something new.
Kelly wants her little ones to wear many layers but Gil says that they are going to be hot like a firecracker on fourth of July.
Kelly begins to worried when Michael informs her mother that someone had died from the chair lift making the mom a little nervous about their kids safety.
It takes the family about an hour to get their gear. Most of them are ski and the older boys are snowboarding.
Bobby and Carlin's friend, Evan, joins the family during this trip. Carlin reveals that they are just getting to know each other but are not official as of yet. (See Carlin and Evan's blog update). Trace also brings a friend Campbell Roberts and she says that Trace did wonderful.
Kelly is a nervous Nelly and they all did wonderful. Kelly made sure that the attendant would stop the lift so she can get off slowly.
Nathan had flight school that day and did not arrive until later that night. He is currently taking test to earn his license.
Judson reveals that the next morning he hurt his heinie as the family goes tubing. Kelly teaches Nathan everything that she learned the day before. Kelly reveals that she learned how to fall before she hurt anyone.  Nathan picks up the ski lesson very quickly and reveals that his mother is incredible teacher and happy that he got the lesson from his mother.
Erin reveals that everyone is sad when it is time to go home since they were having fun. Gil is happy that his wife did not give up and he thinks that they are going to go back.

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