Thursday, March 2, 2017

Recap: Fire Trucks and Diaper Dumps

Gil and Kelly are planning a small baby shower for Alyssa and John. They are planning to have the guests bring diapers instead of baby gifts. Since the Websters live in Florida, Kelly feels that she needs to give her daughter a shower or do something to show how excited they are about getting another granddaughter.

While a few of the younger children are visiting with either Zach, Alyssa, Michaella, or Erin, the laundry room catches fire. The boys (Lawson and Trace) quickly notices that Judson is no where to be found and ends up finding him and get everyone out.

Zach ends up being called to the family home since he was on duty. Gil has a few of the boys on the newest tree job and heads home when they hear about the fire.

Zach reveals that the fire spread so fast since there is a ton of clothes. Zach knows that the outcome could be a lot different.

After the fire is out, Gil heads inside to see what the damage is like. The fire has caused some damage to the walls and blackened every surface. The firefighters have said that the fire could have burned down the house but lucky the door to the laundry room was closed at the time.

Judson and Jeb accidentally started the fire while playing with the lighter. Gil says that they have talk about not playing with fire but now knows that not everyone got it seriousness. Gil gave his youngest children about the dangers of fire and wants to keep talking to them.

The next morning while cleaning the items that need to be clean, Gil figures that they have too many clothes after seventy bags come out.
Kelly, Katie and Emily Raynes (who is a family friend that played at Michaella's wedding in August 2015) are visiting Brandon and Michaella. Kelly is so happy to visit her daughter and son-in-law but is worried to return home to learn more about the fire.
A few days later, Kelly and her daughters head to Florida to visit with the Webster family. The girls decided to have the baby shower as a fellowship so both boys and girls can attend.

Alyssa shares that she and her older sister are really close but she can tell that it's hard for her sister since she wants to have a big family. Alyssa knows that her sister would be an amazing mother to any child she could have or adopt.

Kelly adds that it's been hard to see Michaella's desire to have a baby and they have to wait for the right time.

Michaella says that she is happy for her sister and is still longing to have a baby of her own. She says that it's hard but it doesn't take away any excitement of hearing about the new baby.
Kelly says that the events of this week has brought her family closer together.


  1. Thank God almighty👆everyone is safe saying special praise God prayer for all of you tonight👏Blessing and love from Texas💓

  2. So glad everyone is ok. For some reason, when my husband switched our cable carrier, we don't get UPTV any more, and I had seen all the talk about the fire and wasn't able to watch what happened!! My family misses seeing your's every week. Thank you for sharing your lives and maybe one day soon, we will be able to tune in again...Really so thankful all are safe!!


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