Thursday, March 30, 2017

Recap: Working Up An Appetite

Recently on Bringing Up Bates, The Boys poured concrete for their court but don't get to the basketball goal. Today's goal is to get their basketball goals up to finished the project. Lawson takes charge by giving out instructions. The projects ends up taking two days to finish.

Zach is happy that his brother has good leadership skills and never really messes up even through he told everyone all the wrong stuff to do. He also admits that nobody pays attention to his directions.
Gil and Kelly accompany Carlin and Josie to get their wisdom teeth taken out. Carlin reacts to the anesthesia and it's entertaining. Gil reveals that his daughter was Miss Invincible.

Carlin reveals that she felt mis-combobulated up in her brain and that she could not think straight. She was out of it and would not stop talking until her father told her to. Then she breaks down and begins to cry.

Josie was a very tired and in a lot of pain. Katie reveals that her sisters were total opposites. Josie would start crying and Carlin was crying because you would not party with her. They both did amazing.

Kelly loads up Lawson, Trace, Tori, and Carlin to head over to Cracker Barrel to get dinner for the family. Both Chad and Erin, with their kids, and Zach and Whit, and their kids, were on the way to the house for dinner.

Kelly jokes to her family about the roast because hers don't taste that good. With their trip to Australia coming up, Gil and Kelly had to divide the little kids among Zach, Erin and Michaella while they are gone.

Erin loves that their family can still get together although they are missing Michaella and Alyssa.

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  1. I was so upset I missed it the cable was out during your show hope to catch it soon! Love your show and your Sweet Family


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