Thursday, March 9, 2017

Recap: Loads of Laundry and Lots of Lessons

The family is staying at a local hotel while the house aired out from the fire. They have two bedroom suites. Gil was hoping that this was going to be fun but changes his mind just 48 hours into the hotel room. The laundry and meals are harder than the family but are thankful that the damage to their house was minor and there were no lives lost.
Gil and Kelly share about the fires in Gatlinburg and how others were facing a bigger problem then they were.
Gil and Kelly take Lawson and the boys to Gatlinburg to see a home that was destroyed by the fire. The house fire happen during the same time as the forest fire. Kelly wants them to picture this house every time that they want to disobey.
The forest fire killed 14 people and injured around 150 but destroyed more than 1,700 structures. The firefighters believe that it was start by two juveniles.
Gil, Kelly, Lawson take the two youngest boys to bring gifts to the family that lost everything in a fire. Gil shares that he thinks that the whole family learn a new lesson.  Gil and Kelly share that the family that they went to go see has a great testimony about going through hard times.
Gil and the boys head to the new church building and starts making plans to do a remodel. Trace thinks that it is so awesome that they own their own church building.
Back at their home, the family gets a delivery of their emergency clothes that were professionally cleaned. They head upstairs hoping that the smoke odor has left. They have to do the sheet-rock, floor and repaint the room.
Gil and Kelly load up the family to head to Kentucky to head to the ARK encounter. If you have not hear about the ARK encounter, it's a replica of the Ark that Noah built  and it opened in 2016. The inside of it is a museum.
Gil comes up with the idea to take photos of every since spot since there are so many little ones. He hopes to take a look at them later.
Lawson reveals that the family has a lot on their plate right now with work and every day life. He doesn't know how they do it.

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