Thursday, August 23, 2018

Recap: Milestones and new chapters

Bobby and Tori just have two weeks until they move to Nashville. Tori heads over to her sister's house for a cooking lesson. Tori reveals that she really needs cooking lessons from her sister because she struggles at cooking.
For those that didn't know that when Erin married Chad in November 2013, she did not know how to cook but has turned it around and can make chicken breasts marinated in balsamic vinegar and garlic. The meal turns out great but Tori is still not sure about her cooking abilities. The boys arrive to enjoy the meal. Erin reveals that she and Tori have been close as sisters and is having a hard time with her leaving.
Gil takes the boys to work on their newest tree job assignment. Lawson reveals that when Gil first started the business it was a humble beginning. Gil was using the chainsaw while the boys were putting the wood in the Dodge pickup trick. With the older ones getting busy each day, Jackson finds himself learning how to use spikes to climb the tree. Jackson has a lot harder time to make it to the top but makes it up there.
Trace, Josie and Tori are graduating from Crown College. Trace never saw himself going to college. Trace completed the foundation of Christian life. Josie revealed that college had changed her brother and help him to come out of his box.
Josie has finished her degree in cosmetology which was a two year program. Kelly said that her daughter got a lot of hours and Kelton couldn't be more proud of her daughter.
Tori had finished her four year biblical studies in education. Tori had a little bit of hard time during the last semester. Tori revealed that she has been dying to graduate her whole life.
Kelly reveals that everyone is different and that some of her children have wanted to purse college while others haven't. Kelly reveals that she is proud of all of her children.
After the ceremony, they head back to the main house to celebrate with family and extended family members. The next few days, they work on packing Bobby and Tori to move them to Nashville. Tori reveals that she wants to treasure and cherish any moments that she has with her siblings. Nathan reveals that the changes are just getting better since life has been going by too quick.

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  1. How proud you must be of these precious kids. They have done well so far. Well done!


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