Friday, September 29, 2017

Recap: From Friends to Fiances

Bobby is heading to the Bates family home to celebrate I love you day 2016. Kelly reveals that Gil told Tori not to dive in too soon however it's too late. Nathan was happy that his girlfriend, Ashley, was there. Update about Nathan and Ashley: Nathan ad Ashley decided to end their courtship however to remain to be good friends.

Two months have gone by, The Bates are heading to Florida for both to meet Bobby's family and Allie Jane's first birthday.

Alyssa reflects on her courtship with John and how often Tori was their chaperone. She reveals that she ended up requesting a different chaperone after a while. Tori was really strict and would make them move if they were too close for her liking. She also added that now she really cuddly with Bobby.

In October 2016, Bobby asked Tori if they could start courting during a family vacation in Florida. The setting was at the beach during the sunset. Afterwards they enjoy their dinner.

In March 2017, Bobby heads up to Tennessee to find a place to live after his graduation. One of the family friends offers up her camper for him to live in.

In May 2017, Tori and the family head down to Florida to celebrate Bobby's graduation.

In June 2017, Bobby ends up pulling aside Gil to ask for his blessing to propose to Tori. Gil believes that they are a prefect match.

Bobby ended up proposing to Tori in September 2017. Click here to read the announcement and the photos.

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