Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bates on instagram

We wanted to share an updated Bates on instagram for you all! Now from our last update, Carlin made her instagram public and many of you have been wondering when Josie or Katie will make theirs public. We will keep you updated on it.

Bates family: TheBatesFam
Zach and Whitney: ZachnWhitbates
Chad and Erin: ChadnErinPaine
Brandon and Michaella: Brandon_michael_jn15
John: johnw1121
Alyssa: Webster4ever
Carlin: CarlinBates98
Lawson: LawBates
Trace: tracebates97
Josie (Private): JosBates
Katie (private): kgbates2000
Alyssa (Private): AJW524
John (private): bluford_webster

Other Members:
Bobby: robertellissmith
Kelton: Keltonbalka
Evan: evanpstewart16

Check out our last update:

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