Saturday, September 2, 2017

Helping Texas

The day of Nathan's Birthday, Lawson and Nathan headed over to help with aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. It touched down last week and has claimed about 50 people or so. 

Lawson and Nathan have saved more than 100 people including a woman and her three month old child.

Lawson added on his instagram: 
Simply put, the devastation is mind-boggling, but the heart of Texas and the tens of thousands of volunteers pouring in from all over the U.S., is nothing short of amazing! Lately, the news has shown a country inundated with divisiveness, hate, controversy and unrest; but in these past few days (at a time when we absolutely needed unity the most) all I've seen here is Americans working together, giving of themselves, jumping in whenever and wherever needed, and literally putting their lives on the line for complete strangers. A tragedy on a horrific scale has truly brought out the best in so many. In Romans 12, Paul reminds us not to be overcome by evil, but instead to overcome it with good! 

Please keep praying for those that live in Texas!  


  1. Thank you for everything you are doing to help

  2. Im so thankful for you Two brothers. For you giving of your time. Helping the Hurracain victoms of Harvery. Thank so much.. May God Bless you both..

  3. Thank you so much for your kind service. It's heartbreaking what Mother Nature has thrown at these people. But heartwarming seeing how so many people are so willing to help. Thank you, Lawson and Nathan for being part of the rescue. May God be with you and all who are helping.


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