Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recap: you can't spell paintball without pain

It is time for Jackson's 14th birthday. Gil and Nathan takes Jackson for his first tree job but first they need to get him some working boots. Gil teaches his son the safety with the chainsaw. Jackson is a little nervous and manages to get a hang of it.  Kelly worries about their kids but wants them to learn those skills. Nathan teaches his younger brother. Nathan catches a baby rabbit and wants to make sure that they are safe. Jackson is doing a great job. The Boys take a selfie with the rabbits.

Now Callie, Ellie and Addee head over to Chad and Erin's house. Erin is talking about making a lullabies. At the time of filming, the Bates will have five grandbabies under the age of two.  Erin hopes to play it for her grandchildren one day.

The boys head to do paintball only because Kelly has given her okay. Gil thinks that Jackson is looking forward to this.  The girls agree that they do not want to do paintball and will leave it to the boys.

Team Jackson: Jackson, Nathan, Warden, Jackson D., Bryson H.

Team Lawson: Lawson, Trace, Gil, Isaiah, and Brent H.

The first round: Team Lawson wins

The Second round: Team Lawson wins

The third round: Team Jackson wins

The fourth round: Team Lawson wins

Jackson ended up getting shot many times and got hit in the neck.

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