Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recap: Three pointers and puppies

Tori, Carlin and Josie head to The Crown college to visit with their friend, Courtney. Josie who is planning to take classes on campus this fall.

Since Carlin has decided to do online classes to be able to help with younger siblings. Tori and Josie hope to convince their sister to study music since she wants to teach piano. Tori is working on a degree in education while Josie hopes to work on cosmetology.

Gil and Kelly take most of the kids to Indiana to watch the boys play basketball. The crew asked the three youngest girls if they want to do and they all said no because they would get sweating and need a bath.

The boys were able to go on to organize teams for the first. The boys show their conventional tactics as they play game.  Kelly says that she is really proud of her boys.

Zach reveals that when you play you are in it for blood. Isaiah was not playing but Gil and Kelly were amazed by the parts that he did.

Brandon and Michaella headed to visit the family. Michaella recently graduate with associate degree in medical health science. Brandon and Michaella say that they are not planning to live in the city but aren't sure what the next step is.

Warden and Isaiah make the finals in their league but end up losing by only two points. Gil says that the boys are still winners even through that they lost.

Chad and Erin take Carson to look at dogs with Erin's sister Katie. Erin is sure that they are going to get a dog because she bought along a box. Chad quickly reminds her that they are just looking. The couple reveals that their son loves dogs and goes around woofing and panting throughout the house. Chad reveals that his aunts and uncles have taught him how to be a doggie.

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