Thursday, September 1, 2016

Recap: Bates Dish it out

Zach and Chad are working on Bradley's new bed. Tori says that their brother-in-law has so many talents are never ending.

Lawson heads to Sound Stage Studios to work on his upcoming album. He is nervous about it since he wants to make sure that it is right.

Kelly says that she can tell that her son's music career is growing.  and a lot of people have the same talent. Lawson's fall tour dates are coming soon so stay tune.

Lawson is pairing up with Emily Roberts for a few duets and give the viewers a sneak peak and they are amazing together. For those that don't know Emily, she was on the voice where she came in second place.

Trace is surprised that his brother is doing a break up song rather than a love song. Lawson claims that you just sing what is real to the person is singing. Nathan claims that his brother has ever known is breakups to make it real to him.

Emily has that she is truly blessed and thankful for Lawson to included and she thinks that it is going to be incredible. Callie reveals that Emily's voice sounds like an angel.

The family heads to eat lunch at the Austin's Steak and Home style Buffet. The family reveals that it's been a while since they been at a buffet.

Gil reveals that the kids might think that it's a candy store. Everyone eats too much but Tori who gets a salad. Tori managed to make her sister, Carlin, feel bad and got herself a salad.

The song playing in the background towards the end of the episode is "Bring A Little Joy," performed by Jasmine Ash. 

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