Thursday, September 8, 2016

Recap: From the Couch: Bates Go To Florida

It's Christmas time for the family, Alyssa is enjoying her home in Florida. Lawson thinks that his sister loves it there since it is so quiet but figures to stay to make it loud and nosy just like their family home even although he wants to get married.

Alyssa used to cook for the family before she got married. She makes a meal for everyone and Lawson thinks that he lost some weight after she got married.

The family heads to the beach and it's the first time for the younger Bates have seen the ocean.
As Lawson, Nathan and Carlin watch the episode, they love the songs that were added during editing to make the episode.

The family heads to Clearwater Marine Aquarium which is home to Winter, who is in Dolpin Tale 1 & 2. Lawson and Carlin and Katie make fun of their dad as he works on a much better deal for his bill.

The family heads to ride a monster truck. The crew manages to get some footage with their drone but it hits a tree and goes into the swamp.

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