Thursday, May 27, 2021

Recap: Lawson's New Love and the Boutique's New Digs

 Chad, Erin and Brooklyn reveal the old camper that Chad and Erin just brought. The camper is a major fixer-upper and are looking forward to renovation. Erin reveals that she doesn't love the idea of tent camping but when Chad suggested renovating a camper, she was on board with it.

Gil, Kelly, Lawson, and Nathan are discussing their annual "I love you day" celebration. They do a face time call with the family and decided on doing an animal theme. Zach reveals that they all love bringing 101 opinions to a decision.

It's time for the Bates Sisters Boutique to move into their new storefront. Erin, Whitney and Carlin supervise and bring their employees as well. Carlin reveals that she thinks that they are just excited as they are since the layout is going to be a lot better.

Lawson has been traveling a lot but is home now and enjoying time with his dog, Duke. He plans to send the dog for three months of training. Lawson reveals that he is going to bring his girlfriend Tiffany to their "I love you day" party to meet the family.

Jackson is currently recovering from a snowboarding injury that he got on the family ski trip to Colorado. He had hit an ice patch while attempting to do a 360 and ended up snapping both of the arm bones. He had 13 screws and two metal plates put in his arm. 

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