Thursday, May 20, 2021

Recap: A DIY Date and a Delivery Date

The Paine and Smith couples are getting a getaway in Gatlinburg. The trip was a Christmas gift from Kelly. They are going to have a date night at Board and Brush which is a craft place. Erin reveals that her sister doesn't like to do anything outside of her comfort zone. Chad and Bobby talk about being a girl dad since Charlotte is due in about 21 weeks. Tori reveals that the little girl is just going to capture his heart.

The finished wooden signs look really good and here is what they say:

- Chad: Paine: Always Exploring, Since 2013 with a picture of an RV

- Erin: The Paines: Welcome

- Tori: BTS (Tori and Bobby's initials)

- Bobby: Bobby and Tori Smith: Est: 2017

Josie and Katie are doing a style shoot at a wedding venue Castleton Farms. This shoot will be featured in a bridal magazine. For those that don't know that Castleton Farms is where Evan and Carlin got married.

Over at Zach's house, Brandon and Michaella arrive with Lasagna and homemade bread. The boutique is overflowing into the house again and they are ready for the storefront to open. Michaella is finished with school and is planning to volunteer at the children's hospital until she decides where she wants to work.

Down in Florida, John and Alyssa are getting ready for the birth of their fourth daughter but first they have to pack the girls overnight bags. Alyssa has organized all of the outfits in each individual plastic bags. Soon after, Alyssa goes into labor. She and John dropped the girls at the houses that they are staying at. With her last three labors, Alyssa gives birth about eight hours later. This time it takes longer. After spending a day walking and doing exercise, John and Alyssa head to the hospital where she is able to get an epidural. Maci arrives shorty after. John is really excited to have his daughter join their little girl squad.

Soon after the Websters are home from the hospital, Gil, Kelly and Callie meet them at their house with gifts and food. Kelly says that it's hard for them to believe how good God has been. She adds that Maci is safe, Alyssa is healthy and they are so grateful.

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