Thursday, May 13, 2021

Recap: Home Sweet Home and Nathan's Love

Bobby and Tori just brought their first home and have moved into it. They revealed that they had been looking for a while but hadn't seen much on the market. When they were able to find a place for sale, it was perfect for them since it was two houses away from Zach and Whitney. Bobby and Tori give Zach, Whitney, Michaella and Brandon a tour of their new home. While they were spending time with the couples, Tori jokes that Chad and Erin are coming up with the design and decorations. Chad is planning to add a back porch which makes Tori excited about it. She reveals to Whitney and Michaella that she had Bobby put his clothes with the boys in the large closet so she can have their closet all to her self.

It's time to celebrate Layla's first birthday by going to the Zoo. The Bates family is joining Carlin, Evan and Layla. Meanwhile John and Alyssa are busy getting ready for Maci's arrival. They have to put together the baby items. Alyssa says that you would think after three kids that they would be prepared but things have gotten a little bit more complicated than before. Alyssa also reveals that she will be having baby #4 at the hospital instead of a birth center due to monitoring of her heart.

Alyssa jokes that at the age of 40, she and John will have grown kids in college and will be able to enjoy the grandchildren. 

Meanwhile, the boys are busy building out the new retail space for the Boutique while Zach recently started to work for the tree business. Zach reveals that he would love to move around at 56 like his father instead of 33 moving around like he is right now. Carlin reveals that her dad is still the man and the hero of all of his children.

Nathan is at home and helping at the tree job. During their break, Nathan reveals an update on his relationship with Esther. He is wanting to get engaged this spring. He thinks that it's time to make the next step and make Esther's role change from girlfriend to a fiance. He hopes to pop the question in the Bahamas.

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