Thursday, April 22, 2021

Recap: Nathan's New Romance and a Secret Birthday Bash

Just prior to Kelly's surgery, the family gathers to surprise Kelly with a birthday celebration. Michaella reveals that family time is really a special gift and she thinks that her mom will enjoy the special time before her surgery. Instead of doing the birthday praises that is a family tradition, they decide to share childhood memories. Zach remembers the time that the little kids were napping that his mother would teach him how to read. Erin remembers her mother listening to her practice music when she was not really good at. Callie recounts how her mother makes her feel special and encourages her to try new things. Kelly is so thankful to all of her children.

Gil leads the family in prayer for Kelly's surgrey. John and Alyssa are able to facetime for the birthday party which means a lot to Kelly.

It's been two days since Kelly's surgery, Michaella comes by to check on her mother who is in pain and will have a month recovery with only liquids and purees. She is looking forward to having a better quality of life.

Lawson has adopted a dog name Duke and has a K9 trainer come by to the house. Lawson hopes to train the dog as a law enforcement dog but Zach is not sure. Zach is worried that with everyone running around the house. He knows that the dog is going to be spoiled with attention and should be an police emotional support dog.

Bobby and Tori had orginally planned to do a big birthday bash for Kade's second birthday however some of the family were exposed to COVID so they had to change their plans to just celebrate his birthday with Bobby's parents. They decorate cupcakes but Kade is not into it as much as Kolter. Alyssa gives her birthday buddy a golf set which makes him more into the party mood.

Nathan reveals to his parents about his relationship with Esther. Esther lives in Pennsylvania. They are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Nathan would like to have Esther come to the early Christmas celebration because he will be on the east coast for Christmas. Nathan asks for advice and the parents give him advice to take it slow. Nathan reveals that it means so much to have his parents excited about being involved in their lives. Nathan reveals that his parents share their past experiences and they are always honest which helps their children.

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