Thursday, April 8, 2021

Recap: He or She, What will the Baby Be?

Gil says that the family is trying to have the right spirit and attitude about the good and the bad things as God is working them all for something good even when they can't see it.

Erin, Whitney, and Carlin's business has grown within a year and they need more space and are considerring to open a store front.

Many of the family members contracted COVID but Erin has struggled with it the most. Her recovery has been long and she has fequent headaches, fatigue, nausea, and a sore throat. Tammy (Chad's mom) has come to help out with the grandchildren. Chad says that with Erin being down that meant half of him is gone. He reveals that it blows him away with how strong his wife is. Due to Erin's complications, they are unsure if it's covid related or possibly Lyme Disease.

Kelton and Josie are finishing up the final touches on their renovations. After trying to get pregnant for a few months, Josie suffered a miscarriage. Josie remembers that they had many emotions. Josie's doctor doesn't think that her miscarriage was caused by the same condition that some of the other girls have but ends up having blood work done to investigate.

Josie gives an update on her business, Effortless Beauty. Josie and her friend, Grace are doing hair and makeup for weddings and events. Her sister Katie has joined the team. Both Katie and Josie are taking advance makeup course online. Katie has not determind if she is going to move to NJ when she and Travis get married. She says that if it was up to her then they would be engaged tomorrow but they are taking their time. She reveals to Grace and Josie that she will work in the business for about a year.

Zach has been busy working at the Sheriff department for the past ten years and have been working at least 50 to 60 hours a week. He is planning to leave the law enforcement and return to the family business. Gil says that he made the same decision when he left his job at the sale company and started the tree business.

Meanwhile in Flordia, Alyssa has some news to share with John. They are expecting their fourth child. They do a live-stream with the gender reveal. The couple has friends help pull it off. One of the friends call Gil right before to tell him so he can shoot a power cannon in Tenessee right as the gender is announced by John and Alyssa.

Kelly heads to spend some time with Michaella to catch up on life. Michaella is waiting to take her nursing state boards. Kelly reveals some medical issues that she has been dealing with. Kelly reveals that she has Gerds which has turned to Barrett's Esophagus. Kelly is terrified when she was told that she has pre-cancerous cells. Her meds are not working which means that Kelly will need to have surgery.

Lawson is at LA airprot to pick up Esther Faith who is going to have life-saving surgery. Nathan reveals that this took so much effort to pull off since it took 10 doctors. Nurses had to travel back and forth to the Philippiness to take care of the sweet little girl. Lawson and Nathan travel with Esther to Orlando where she will have the surgery. The surgery is sucessful and it will be the only surgery that she will need. She will be able to return home and live a happy normal life.

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