Thursday, May 28, 2020

Recap: Holiday Traditions and Baby Additions

Zach and Whitney are enjoying some bonding time now that Khloe is born. Whitney reveals that Bradley is very possessive of his new little sister and wants her all to himself. Kelly and a few of the kids arrive to meet Khloe. Callie says that there are so many grandkids and they are always excited for a new niece or nephew.
Family and friends are throwing a baby shower for Evan and Carlin. Carlin reveals that everyone acts like pregnancy is easy but they are liars. She will be upfront and honest by saying that it's so much work. Brandon says that he is always very happy when other guys show up at the shower.
Carlin, Kelly and Denese compete in the diaper stacking competition and both Kelly and Carlin's piles fall so Carlin grabs her mother-in-law's hands so hers would fall too. Carlin admits that she would have done things different.
Evan, Kelton, and Ethan compete to see who can eat the most baby food. Evan wins the fruit round and advances to the veggie round with Nathan and Ben. Ben ends up winning.
Erin ends up going into labor later that night. Carlin arrives to document the event. Kelly, Tori and Whitney arrive at the hospital along with Gil who later falls asleep on the couch.
Erin's oxygen levels drop along with the baby's heart rate. The nurse gives Erin the oxygen mask and she starts pushing, Holland arrives soon after that. Later that morning, the other three children arrive to meet their new little sister and brings gifts.
Chaney arrives into town and Trace takes her out to go skating with Zach and Whitney.
Caroling has been a long-time Bates Christmas tradition. Lawson says that ever since he was little, his parents taught them a hug emphasis on music. They sing at nursing homes and assisted living facilitates. The family gathers at the house to rehearse. Michaella says that it was always a treat to people who were shut in or couldn't get out. Her parents taught them that it was better to give then to receive and taught them character.
The family arrives at Morning Pointe of Powell and dozen of the residents have come to listen to their sing. Zach says that he has zero confidence that they will sound anything close to harmonious to ears but it is not all about being the best. Sometimes you just have to go and give yourself to other people. Bradley and Carson join in and preform Jingle Bells.

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