Thursday, May 14, 2020

Recap: Brandon's Book and Kelly Jo's New Look

Christmas is around the corner and the family is expecting Holland around that time, Chad comes home with presents for Erin. Chad is hoping to get the kids involved and think about how much Erin does for her kids. He wants to do something special in honor of Erin.
The big present is a foot spa for Erin since she loves having her feet pampered. The kids are eager to be part of it. Erin loves that her husband includes their kids in everything since they are making memories. Erin asks her son if he is going to spoil his future wife one day and he responses that he will along with himself.
Brandon is about to have his first book signing in Knoxville. He reads a chapter out of his book and then signs copies. Brandon says the night was pretty surreal and knows that they have been working on it for so long.
Kelly arrives at Josie's home to get ready for an anniversary date with Gil. She asked her daughters to help her with hair and makeup. Josie says that her mom is used to wearing her hair one way and doesn't want to change it. Today they are going to try something different.
    Later, Kelly arrives at Josie’s house ahead of an anniversary date with Gil. “We have a lot of dates but not a lot of fancy dates,” says Kelly. That’s why she has asked her daughters for help with hair and makeup. Kelly tells her daughter to surprise her with the new look.
During her time of working in a salon, Josie figures that her passion is weddings. She and her friend has decided to open an hair business for  weddings.
Katie and Carlin arrive and begin Kelly's makeup. Katie just came back from a week with Travis and his family. She says that their relationship is going really well.
Kelly ends up with an up-do makeover. She ends up choosing a black maxi dress. One of the dresses were not Kelly's taste which was a leopard prints dress.
Gil arrives at Josie's house with flowers. He is stunned. Gil says that Kelly is really hot and I'll just tell you. Gil has chosen Kitchen 919 in downtown Knoxville. During their dinner, He gives Kelly a present which is a long silver necklace.
Zach says that his father has some experience romanticizing his mom. The other siblings reveal that Gil brings home flowers and other gifts. He also leaves notes. Kelly says that it shows the kids that they are committed to see through things and stay together no matter what. They are also best friends.
Gil says that they feel close in marriage when they feel safe and trust each other. They are also willing to sacrifice for each other. He adds that when they are sacrificing, it becomes natural when they love each other.

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