Thursday, November 21, 2019

Recap: A Wedding Worth the Wait

Evan and Carlin's wedding is almost here and the couple are practicing their first dance to a song that Carlin's brother, Lawson, wrote for the special date. Trace thinks that the couple needs to practice more before Saturday. Carlin thinks that everything will be okay with more practice.
Carlin and Joy arrive at the nail salon to enjoy some girl time. Erin and Tori arrive at the nail salon. Erin says that her sister has been so sweet to make her feel special and honored. She has asked for Erin's opinion about everything.
It's the day of the rehearsal and it's 94 degrees out, Carlin's wedding party features 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen.
Gil and one other officiant stands infront of the couple. Gil encourages his daughter to stand close. Carlin puts her arm around Evan's neck and Gil says that they are not into that. They still have almost a day before their wedding.
Everyone is eager to the dinner which has air conditioned. Evan's family has done an amazing job. Evan and Carlin both give praise to both families.
It's time for the wedding both the groomsmen and bridesmaids are getting ready. During the photos, Callie breaks down and Carlin gives her sister a hug. Later, Gil breaks down when he sees his daughter in the dress.
Erin and Whitney pray with Carlin before she walks down the aisle. Evan gets emotional when he sees Carlin. Gil begins the ceremony and the couple gives the traditional vows. They start to sing their duet and manged to pull it off beautifully.
Right before the couple is supposed to kiss and Evan's pastor wants to pray before the first kiss. The couple runs down the aisle and disappear. They arrive at the reception. Evan and Carlin ended up rubbing the cake in each other's faces.
Ethan, Whitney and Erin give speeches and Erin shares a special announcement. Many of the guests are confused about why Erin said four instead of three and she announces that she is expecting her fourth child. Erin reveals that she was not planning to announce the pregnancy.
They head out to the dance floor to watch the couple share a first dance then it's time for Gil to dance with his daughter. It's time to send the couple off to their honeymoon with sparklers.

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