Thursday, November 14, 2019

Recap: Home is Where the Heart is

The Keilens are on their way to Tennessee so Lawson and Nathan head to the house to help with the furniture and mow the grass. Brandon is tying up lose ends at Chicago and will be there in the next day.
Gil is happy that his daughters are back in Tennessee with their families.
Kelly says that  Michael is busy with school but if she wants a side job since she is hiring tutors. Michaella says that she will stop by every afternoon between 3:30 and 5:30 before Brandon finishes work. Michaella says that family is one of the most precious gifts.
Just one more week until their wedding and Evan and Carlin are working on the house. They are putting items away in their kitchen with Warden. They have a little disagreement about a pot and pan.
The couple practices the duet that they will sing but Evan is not done writing it.
Kelly and the girls get together with Taryn Yager for a photoshoot for Bates sister boutique. Carlin doesn't know why they decided to start the boutique before the wedding but they did. Erin, Whitney and Carlin take new photos for the shop every week and offer the other girls to models since they can't call themselves models.
The couple head to get their marriage license and Carlin is concerned that Evan's outfit doesn't match hers. Evan tells her that it should not matter if they match since they are getting a marriage license.
The clerk at the courthouse wants to know what Carlin's SS number is but she can't remember and looks at her phone however Gil says he knows it.
The couple gets a 60% discount to do marriage counseling. Gil is happy that the state recognizes the need for marriage counseling and pays for the marriage counseling.
Gil says that he is happy for them but it's hard to for to let her go. Kelly is too busy with the prep that she doesn't expect to go through her crying spell until her daughter leaves.
Next week is the big wedding and the season 8 finale for Bringing Up Bates. We will keep you updated for season 9.

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