Thursday, November 7, 2019

Recap: Baby Mamas and Bridesmaids Drama

With Carlin's graduating from college, Kelly is throwing a party to celebrate her daughter's accomplishment. Kelly meets with Whitney to plan with party however Whitney gets a call from her doctor and the talk goes to another topic. Whitney announces that she is pregnant and knows the gender but Zach doesn't know yet. Kelly says that she should announce it at the party.
Whitney says that Kelly was the first one out of Zach's family to find out about the pregnancy and with her mother-in-law's track record that they are going to have to announce it. Whitney is worried about it being reguarding Carlin's graduation party.
Josie is getting closer to her due date and Balkas have moved into two bedroom apartment to make room for their little one. Josie's friend comes over to help decorate the nursey. Kelton assembles the crib after work and it's much harder than he had plan.
At the end of the day the room looked incredible.
On the day of her party, Carlin is thrilled to have finished her degree and thanks her mom. The family give her praise. Callie can't believe that her sister is getting married.
At the end of the event, Kelly turns the floor to Zach, who is announcing the pregnancy. Kellly ends up announcing the pink confettii and reveals that it's another little girl. Zach admits that he did not know that Whitney found out the gender of their third baby.
All the Bates and Stewart ladies head over to Zach and Whitney's home to talk about the bridesmaids dress. Renee and her husband are there to help. The girls try on the dresses which are different styles and colors. Tori reveals that she can't try on her dress and Carlin says that they will go to the gym together. Whitney's dress looks great but Whitney is concerend about the baby growing to much before the wedding.
Renee reveals to remake a lot of the dresses so they will fit better. Carlin tries on her dress and it's prefect. Kelly says that she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but the dress is the prettiest dress that she has ever seen and Erin says that it hurt her feelings but Tori adds that her mom says that every time.

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